March 12, 2013

Fikri dan bunda Laili juga sukaaa dengan walter

Tidak hanya sekedar membaca buku, Walter membuat suasana belajar jadi menyenangkan. “Aku jadi lebih pintar” berikut penuturan Fikri bersama Ibunda tercinta :

“I Love Walter because it teaches my son everything he wants to know! My son loves the variety of books that come with Walter as they cover all the topics that he is interested in! With the help of Walter we have really increased his knowledge about the general topics and it’s more interesting than just reading an average educational book!”

(Laili Umi Inayati, Indonesia. June 2010)

“I Love Walter because it brings all the words, songs and the characters in the books to life! I love learning with Walter because it teaches me more at home than we learn at school and it makes me smarter than all the other children in school!”

(Fikri. Age: 5 years old)


Widya Wiyata Pertama dan Walter - Ensiklopedi Anak Tigaraksa
Widya Wiyata Pertama dan Walter – Ensiklopedi Anak Tigaraksa

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